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Myriad IntraServer software module

The Myriad IntraServer module is an incredibly useful 'cloud computing' tool for our customers who want to grant individuals or organisations access to specific reports.

IntraServer allows this via a password-protected interface that can be accessed using a web browser from anywhere in the world. In effect it creates a Myriad-based intranet.

Whilst information such as reports are generally kept confidential, there are situations where it is useful to allow those from outside the organisation access to them.

For example, a company might want their supplier to see sales figures for a particular range of products, in order to speed up the supply chain process.

Similarly, trade organisations can draw huge benefit from monitoring sales of different product categories. This information can be used in order to work out trends and patterns and predict future market conditions etc. 

IntraServer also controls connection from the Myriad IntraClient module, which lets staff in one location instantly view the stock level of a product in other locations.