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Myriad MIS+ software module

The Myriad MIS+ module is an enhanced Management Information System, which provides a wealth of extra management tools.

By providing thorough and interpretation and analysis of the data stored within Myriad, it can significantly improve the quality of strategic decision-making.

MIS+ intelligence allows businesses to identify areas in which they can boost sales, reduce costs, optimise stock, and ultimately increase profits.

For example, the Product Pareto (80/20) Analysis report lets a user rank their most profitable profits. In a similar way, the Customer Pareto (80/20) Analysis highlights the most profitable customers.

The Customer Sales Analyser is used to generate target lists of customers, based on their spending patterns. For example, you are shortly to stock a new range from a particular brand. Using the Customer Sales Analyser, you can find out which customers have bought an item from that particular brand, and target them with an appropriate message. 

On the stock side, MIS+ contains an Inventory Review System, which will analyse stock demand on a seasonal basis, and can therefore be used to automatically adjust minimum/maximum stock ordering levels. This means less stock will be ordered during quiet times and extra stock will be ordered to meet demand in busy periods.  

As well as a raft of additional reporting tools, MIS+ is also used to drive Customer Loyalty Schemes, whether purchases are made in store or online. Points accumulated through transactions can easily be converted into rewards and vouchers.

MIS+ is an essential module for anyone wanting to extract maximum profitabilty from a system, particularly those who sell online.