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Myriad WebShop software module

Myriad WebShop software

Myriad WebShop software lets multichannel retailers sell online the easy way. It forms a bridge between the Myriad system and a transactional website. Or two. Or more.

WebShop can be used to power any number of transactional websites, all through one system. Just choose which websites you want products to appear on, and watch them sell. You can even sell the same product with different prices on different websites.

Data is taken from Myriad and uploaded to a transactional website, so when a new product is created, or product information is changed in Myriad, the website page will be automatically created or changed.

When a customer places an order, all the information they key in is captured and fed straight into Myriad for processing.

WebShop also maintains the stock levels of stores and websites. When an item is sold in store or on a website, the stock level automatically changes across all sales channels. This removes the potential for selling an out-of-stock item online, and means that as soon as stock is booked in, the website will show the item as available.

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