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Asylum Derby Orcus case study - Asylum. An independent fashion retailer in Derby's Westfield Centre who required a reliable EPOS system at very short notice.

Whilst there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Orcus customer, Asylum are quite representative in a few areas. They are an independent retailer, they know how to get the best out of an EPOS system, and their staff had very positive experiences of using Myriad software previously.

Rob Smedley had used Myriad whilst working as store manager for a multiple retailer. When he landed the job as store manager for Asylum in March 2012, a new independent in Derby’s Westfield centre, one of the first things he considered when looking at the business was Myriad. Having used various systems over nearly 20 years working in retail, Rob thinks that it is head and shoulders above anything else:

“Having a good system in a shop to manage the stock and everything else means you can concentrate on the areas that need it. Having used Myriad for some time I know it is reliable, easy to use, and very powerful when it comes to reporting.”

The time-frame from securing the premises to opening was very tight. Asylum staff only had a couple of weeks to shopfit, merchandise, enter all the products into Myriad and label them up with the correct price. OrAsylum Derby Store cus have always been quick to respond to customer needs, and in Rob’s case this was no exception:

“As soon as we got the keys to the shop, Orcus got things moving. An engineer installed Myriad on my laptop so I could immediately start creating all the products and labelling them up, and within a week they had installed two tills and a back office PC on the network in store. They pulled out all the stops to make sure we were open to schedule.”

As the Asylum store is an independent, Rob needed to perform extra tasks which in his previous role were done by head office staff. This did not faze him, and when it came to the system side of things, Myriad wasn’t a problem:

Asylum Derby Westfield “There were a few new things I had to learn in Myriad, but as it is very user-friendly I soon knew what I was doing. If I did have any queries I just called the support team and they helped me out straight away.”

The Asylum store opened on time with everything in place. It proved to be a big hit, drawing shoppers from far and wide. Despite being a busy man, Rob is full of praise for the way the Myriad makes his job a lot easier than it could be:

“Myriad runs the business for us. As well as stock control, it produces all our barcoded price labels, it has the customer database, and processes all the purchasing.

I can thoroughly recommend Myriad to any retailer who is looking for a great system that is very well supported. I have used it in one of a chain of stores and now in a single independent store. In both cases, Myriad has been reliable, flexible, and the support from Orcus has been brilliant.”


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