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Southwell Minster Cathedral Shop




Orcus case study – Cathedral Shop, Southwell. Southwell Minster is the Cathedral Church of Nottinghamshire, often described as the ‘best kept secret’ among the forty two English Cathedrals.

Attracting pilgrims and tourists from around the world, it is served by The Cathedral Shop, which offers gifts, books, souvenirs, cards, and music, as well as a wide range of Christian goods.

Staffed mostly by a dedicated team of volunteers, The Cathedral Shop was reliant an old EPOS system which was starting to fail. The reporting was inaccurate, and an increasing number of system errors were occurring. Support for the system was virtually non-existent, so manager Alison Baker decided to look for a new one which was reliable and well-supported.

After evaluating several systems from different companies, Alison decided that Myriad provided the best fit. As well as meeting all the functional requirements, Orcus offered the best support and service. Says Alison:

“I was happy that Myriad would do exactly what we needed, but perhaps more importantly I had to be sure I chose a company who would make the process of setup and installation as smooth as possible. It was vital that we got a head start with the system, as the shop often gets very busy.”

Once Alison had given the go-ahead, Orcus quickly responded. Within a couple of weeks Myriad was installed and operational, and Alison was happy with her choice:

“I was very pleased with the way it all went, before, during, and after the installation. Orcus helped me to get the data out of the old system, clear out the errors and obsolete products, and import it into Myriad. This meant we didn’t have to spend hours keying in thousands of codes.

The installation didn’t take long, and the training was quick. We were able to start using the till straight away, as the programme is very easy to operate. Many of our volunteers were not familiar with a touchscreen system, but they picked it up very quickly.

Orcus have given us outstanding support since the installation and training day. Every time we call or email we get an immediate response.”

Alison was so impressed with Orcus that she decided to recommend them:

“It is obvious that Orcus staff are very focussed on making sure their customers are happy. Because of this we referred Myriad to Lichfield Cathedral Bookshop, who are enjoying the same positive experience as us.”

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