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Orcus-designed website drives new craze 

Wiper Wagger

wiperwaggers.com now live

30th April 2012

A new craze is taking off with the launch of the Wiperwaggers website.

Wiper Wagger Queen

Wiperwagger is a brand new invention which promises to brighten up any rainy day.

A Wiper Wagger comes in two parts - a sticker of a celebrity caricature is placed on the rear window of a car or van, and an 'arm' is attached to the rear wiper.

The first one has been produced in time for the Jubilee. When driving behind a car with one fitted, you could be mistaken for thinking that the Queen herself is waving at you.

Orcus designers have built the Wiper Waggers website to showcase the product, which can be purchased immediately by Paypal.

Click here to visit the Wiper Wagger website.

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