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Orcus case study - Identity the Jeweller. Derby-based independent retailer who sought an EPOS system to help grow the business, resulting in the opening of a second store.

Identity the Jeweller is a family run business, headed up by husband and wife Steve and Alison Warner. With the help of their sons, Andrew and Christopher, and other dedicated team members, since 2007 they have run their very popular and successful jewellery and gift store in Derby’s Westfield Centre. Offering a range of men’s and ladies jewellery and a variety of gifts, they quickly became established as one of Derby’s leading independents.

In the summer of 2010, Westfield offered Steve and Alison a mall counter space, from which they began selling a small range of designer watches. This proved to be a big hit with shoppers, so when another unit in the centre became available, they decided to expand and open a dedicated watch store in place of the mall counter.

Identity Watches DerbyIn August 2011 Identity the Jewellers Watch Shop opened. The products on offer proved to have the right appeal, leading to an impressive start. The Myriad EPOS system from Orcus has been crucial in their growth. Says owner Alison:

“From day one, the Myriad EPOS system allowed us to control all aspects of the business. As well as making transactions very quick and easy, we can see what our current stock levels are, what we have on order with suppliers, what is selling quickly or slowly, and pinpoint where our profit is coming from.

The reports the system generates are incredibly valuable from a buying point of view. When it came to expanding the watch side, we were able to predict which brands would be popular, and what we should invest in. Although you have a feel for what is going to sell well, there is no substitute for having the figures in black and white.

We are sometimes surprised by which lines become top sellers, but the system keeps us informed and we are able to react quickly to prevent running out of stock.”Identity Derby Westfield

The watch store is networked to the original jewellery store, which is a big bonus for Alison:

“Although the units are close together, we administer both of them from the back office PC in the jewellery store. We don’t even have to walk round or call the watch store to see what has been selling. Everything is available for us to analyse as it happens, which means we can keep on top of demand and keep offering our customers what they want.”

“Jewellery, watches and gifts retail is incredibly tough at present, but our system gives us the edge on the competition and helps us keep one step ahead. I don’t think we would have been able to grow anywhere nearly as quickly without it.”


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