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Integrated Chip and Pin

Integrated chip and pin

We have partnered with YESpay to offer integrated chip and pin. We install YESpay's EMBOSS software onto EPOS tills, so that there is complete synchronisation between the till and the pin entry device.

The way YESpay processes transactions is fairly simple - their EMBOSS solution 'speaks' to all the banks, building societies, and card providers in order to authorise payments. As everything is integrated with our Myriad software and is broadband-based, there are a number of benefits:

1) Rapid authorisation means a quicker flow-through of customers at the point of sale

2) No need to pay for a seperate phone line for pin entry device

3) No rental to pay for the pin entry device (the pin entry device is purchased outright)

4) There is no need to rekey the transaction total into the pin entry device - this eliminates any keying errors (£100, not £10!)

5) No need for a seperate bank terminal - this frees up space at the point of sale

6) No need for seperate till rolls - goods and card receipts are both printed from the same printer

As well as saving time and space, using integrated chip and pin will save you money too, particularly if you are currently renting a pin entry device.

Click here to read more about our partnership with YESpay

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