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Orcus case study - Serendipity. An extensive interiors/gift shop/tea room selling thousands of products. 

Serendipity is an interiors/gift shop, and includes a traditional tea room. Set in the centre of the Yorkshire Dales market town of Leyburn, the store offers a wide range of gifts, furniture, greetings cards, kitchenware, soft furnishings, and jewellery over two floors.

With many thousands of product lines from dozens of different suppliers, there were several different challenges which led to the owner, Adrian Walton, looking for a solution. It was very difficult to keep track of stock. Administering purchases and returns was very time-consuming. There was no accurate way of finding out what was selling well or not, and which suppliers provided the most popular ranges. In short, Serendipity needed an EPOS system which was simple to use, and would make running the business much easier.

After looking at several, Adrian decided on the Myriad EPOS system from Orcus. Many factors were taken into consideration – price, functionality, the quality of the service and support, but the most important was that staff could use it without needing a degree in Computer Science.

Most Serendipity staff will admit that their IT skills were not brilliant. In fact, many of them had never used a computer before in any capacity. Says Office Manager, Allyson Walker,

“A few members of staff were used to simple cash registers, and the thought of using a proper EPOS till terrified some of them. We needed a system that was easy and quick to use, so that they would be comfortable with it from the start. We had a play with Myriad during the demonstration, and it worked exactly how we wanted it.”

After giving the instruction to Orcus to provide the system, Serendipity staff began the process of categorising their products in preparation for going live. With thousands of products to get through, Allyson was initially concerned that it would take months before they could go ahead with the installation. However, the EPOS tills were set up to sell through ‘department’ code buttons. This meant that stock which had not been entered on the system could still be sold in the way it had been on the cash register. Allyson appreciated this gentle transition:

“It was great, as it meant that the staff on the shop floor initially had the same department buttons they were used to, and they were happy to use the scanner for stock which I had put on the system. If an item had a barcode label on it, they were confident that it would scan and be recognised. Being able to print our own barcode labels with the price on has really helped us with this.” 

As well as comprehensive training, Allyson and the rest of the staff benefitted from the support provided by the Orcus technical team:

"Initially we were all quite daunted by the prospect of installing the system, but Orcus staff took us through everything before, during and after the set up. The support has been fantastic, every time we needed to call we got straight through to someone who helped us out."

Using Myriad transformed the business very quickly. When the first set of sales reports were ran, there were a few surprises too. Says Adrian:

“We have always thought we knew which areas of the business were contributing the most, and whilst we were right on most of it, there were some things we had overlooked. Now the system gives us all the information we need to make the right decisions about what we buy and how it is sold.”


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