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Asylum Derby

"I can thoroughly recommend Myriad to any retailer who is looking for a great system that is very well supported."
Rob Smedley, Asylum


"They are incredibly reliable, and the level of service and support they provide is very high. I would refer to Orcus as a partner rather than a supplier."
Simon Kirby, Shuropody


“I would not hesitate to recommend Orcus to any retailer."
Lawrence Montgomery, Rise


"Myriad makes it easy to keep on top of suppliers and stock. I can't imagine how we could manage everything without it."
Honey Bowdrey, Honeyjam


"Orcus staff took us through everything before, during and after the setup. The support has been fantastic"
Allyson Walker, Serendipity


“We sell to the trade and public through a number of different channels, and Myriad handles them all brilliantly.”
Del Owen, Fountain Timber

Hair and Beauty Co

"Orcus are 100% reliable and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
Natasha Flood, the Hair and Beauty Company

Lichfield Cathedral

"The phone has always been answered within a few rings - and by an engineer, who has always known the answer."
Ann Waller, Lichfield Cathedral

The Academy Of Sound Logo

"I have used Myriad for several years and it is superb. I can't imagine how we could be as efficient without it."
Baz Holmes, The Academy Of Sound


"I feel very comfortable with the software...I am very impressed with how easy it is to use."
Howard Wienholt, Accessory

House Etc Logo

"I would recommend them to anyone."
Morgana Tilling, House Etc

Chris and Sons

"We have found Myriad to be very user-friendly. Most importantly, the back-up (customer support) from Orcus is second to none."
Stella Vassiliou, Chris and Sons

Styleforce logo

"I have used Myriad since 2007, and it is an excellent system. I cannot fault the support from Orcus either, there is always someone available to help whenever we need it."
Iqbal Jamal, Styleforce

Crystal Magick

"We find Myriad easy to use and reliable, and it is very well supported."
Anne Smith, Crystal Magick

Hair and Beauty World

"When considering an IT supplier for our business, there was only one company that we considered. We would highly recommend them"
Michael Connolly, Hair and Beauty World


La Casa Blanca San Pedro

"The support is very responsive at all times - polite, helpful and flexible to ensure that the system meets our requirements."
Andrew Levene, La Casa Blanca


Staunton Garden Centre

"Myriad is a powerful tool that crunches large volumes of data quickly. The support staff are always patient, polite, and demonstrate a positive attitude."
Brian Lewis, Staunton Garden Centre

Southwell Minster Gift Shop

"The reports have helped us to target our buying and stay ahead in today's tough retail environment."
Alison Baker, Southwell Minster Gift Shop


The Orchard logo

"There is always someone available to take our call within a couple of rings, the guys could not be more friendly and are easy to work with."
Mat Brown, The Orchard


"Orcus completely understand how we work and what we need."
Frank Taylor, Ape

Gallery 33

"What really makes Orcus stand out from their competitors is the level of service they offer."
Allison Wafer, Gallery 33



"Orcus service has been second to none in the past, and still is."
Les Whitfield, Head


"Myriad lets us control everything."
Alison Warner, Identity

Cookes logo

"The process of ordering stock from suppliers and confirming delivery could not be more effective."
Matthew Morrison, Cookes


Voglio Logo

"Orcus tailored the system to do exactly what we want. The support team members are all excellent and very quick to help me out whenever I call."
Anne Duff, Voglio