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WebShop for online retail

Not that long ago, entering the world of ecommerce could be an expensive, risky and complicated thing to do.

Thankfully things have changed, and Myriad WebShop software allows businesses to sell online the easy way.

Our customers range from purely online businesses to 'traditional' retailers who sell via websites as well as stores. What WebShop gives all of them is the same stock control functionality of a shop EPOS system for their internet operations. 

By linking a website to the main stock database, WebShop creates another sales channel which is easy to control. WebShop is capable of controlling more than one website - it is even possible to sell the same products on different websites with different prices.

WebShop also handles different customer pricing - when a customer logs into a website, they will see prices specific to them. Trade-only websites can be driven in this way.

As the nature of retail is constantly changing, WebShop has been designed to keep up with the pace of change so that retailers can remain on top in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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