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Multichannel retail software

Our Myriad software is modular, which means that users only pay for what they need, when they need it. Each module performs specific functions, yet they are seamlessly integrated so that information flows consistently throughout the system.
Myriad POS software
Myriad POS
Point Of Sale software for retailers and wholesalers who require till-based transactions.

Designed for easy use with touchscreen monitors and/or POS keyboards.

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Myriad WebShop

Shopping cart integration software, which allows retailers to sell online with minimum effort.

Can be used to power several transactional websites from one database.

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 Myriad SOP Software

Myriad SOP
Sales Order Processing software for fulfilling sales made via internet, telephone and mail order.

Used to generate quotes, order acknowledgements, picking lists, despatch notes, invoices, credit notes etc.

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Myriad Solo Software
Myriad Solo

Back office software for single site businesses.

Controls purchasing, stock, customers, suppliers, staff etc. Generates a wealth of standard reports on all areas of the business.

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  Myriad National Software

Myriad National
Back office software for multi-site businesses.

Allows businesses to have centralised control over an infinite number of stores, with straightforward procedures for transferring stock between branches, multi-site purchase ordering, and multi-site reporting.

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Myriad MIS Plus SoftwareMyriad MIS+

Management Information System software, which includes customer and product Pareto Analysis (80/20 Analysis), and enhanced stock control facility.

Also used to administer customer loyalty schemes.

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Myriad IntraServer Software  
Myriad IntraServer
Allows staff/suppliers to view pre-defined, password-protected reports via a web browser.

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  Myriad IntraClient Software

Myriad IntraClient
Software which allows users in one site to instantly view stock levels at other sites. 

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